Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Battle of the Three Seas


We did the first chapter, the intro chapter, and things look pretty good. A few awkward bits, a few wordy parts, which are really one in the same....but overall, pretty good. We suppose a few of the sections could be rearranged.

Today we'll begin The Battle of the Barents Sea. No, check that, we'll skip ahead to The Battle of the Black Sea. We wanted to do some more technical work for the carriers and A-6s and we need to read up a bit first. So Black Sea it is. 

We continue writing Pershing's War: 1919 and it's still going swimmingly.

We tempt God...we tempt him. For as it is written, God did smite thee, for thee tempted God and deserved smiting!

Trump to Somali Princess: Drop Dead

Head Trumpologist Don Surber explains perfectly what Trump is doing. We urge reader(s) to read the whole thing.

What Trump said about Omar and the rest of Pelosi's Gang of Four is what normal people think: If America is so bad go back to Somalia.

Pelosi's Gang of Four don't look sympathetic, they look like America hating communists.

Yesterday Somalia's Own refused to condemn Al Qaida or the Antifa terror attack in Washington State. In a few days Pelosi and the Democrats will vote to defend these cretins after refusing to condemn the rabid, frothing Jew hatred of Mogadishu's Finest.

The more the Democrats and the media talk about Ms. Venezuela and the Somali Princess the better for Donald Trump:
More than 74% of voters in the poll recognized Ocasio-Cortez, with 22% of people surveyed holding a favorable view. One of the New York Democrat’s colleague, Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, received a similar level of fanfare among those polled. She was recognized by 53% of the voters, with 9% of people holding a favorable view of her.

The poll, which was shared to Axios on the condition of anonymity, shows swing voters don’t think much of Ocasio-Cortez’s brand of Democratic socialism. Socialism was viewed favorably by 18% of the voters and unfavorably by 69%.
Trump is playing chess against a bunch of 6 year-olds who can't figure out where the checkers go in the Connect-Four slots.
And check this out at Small Dead Animals.

JFK Jr. was Twenty Years ago Today...

...and the media was decadent and depraved.

Twenty years ago this morning we woke up, turned on the TV and saw the headline, 'JFK Jr. killed in plane crash.'

For younger reader(s) JFK Jr. was a celebrity. Raised in the public eye, the nation fretted over Junior's bar exam. He was long considered the nation's most eligible bachelor. He gave a speech at the DNC. After that the usual suspects wondered when Junior would run for office. New York Senate? Perhaps mayor of NYC?

We used to think of Junior as a member of the idle elite. That morning we called him the finest rollerblader of our time. But after watching the likes of Chelsea, the man's life doesn't look so vapid. For a time he was an attorney. In the mid-90s he founded George Magazine. Unlike everyone else in his rotten, no good family, Junior stayed out of trouble.

The media treated Junior's death like a national tragedy. We know, we worked at CNN, and saw the 24 hour coverage up close. It was CNN at it's most clueless, totally un-self aware. It was pathetic. The coverage wasn't about JFK Jr or the Kennedys. The coverage was about the media. Never forget famed Ben Bradlee of the famed Washington Post used to send copy over to the White House for approval.

We saw CNN journos phone ancient Kennedy Administration staffers for yet another televised media hand job, 'Mr. Sorenson my name is....Mr. Salinger CNN is wondering if...'

Junior's death was an excuse for the media to propagate the Camelot myth and further rehabilitate Teddy. For if JKF and Camelot were great, then the media was great for covering them. 

Twenty years ago this morning we saw the headline and thought, Another maritime tragedy for the Kennedys. We admit it, we laughed.

Monday, July 15, 2019


OK, what's with the traffic spike? Who linked? Drop a line in the comments.

7-15-19 in New Jersey

Guess whose coming to New Jersey:
WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump is expected to return to his Bedminster golf club on Friday, marking his second weekend jaunt his year to New Jersey....

Since taking office, the president has spent several summer weekends and a working vacation each August in Bedminster, before returning to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, during the colder months.

Trump has spent 74 days at Bedminster during his presidency, second only to Mar-a-Lago among his properties he visits when not at the White House, according to NBC News.
We're a mere ten minutes from Trump National, nestled in the wooded hill country of north central Jersey. Bedminster is horse country, the National Equestrian Museum is there. We used to live one town over in Peapack, right across the street from the park. Jackie O lived there for a time and her kids used to ice-skate on the pond.* Every once and a while one would spot Christie Todd Whitman at the local coffee shop, Coco Luxe.

We were at Coco Luxe a few weeks ago. An old friend of ours manages the joint. We met back in the early 2000's when she managed a coffee shop in Bedminster, The Daily Grind. It was here that we wrote a Line throught the Desert. Our friend actually shows up in Blooms.

We know a guy who knows a guy as they say, who used to work at Trump National. Our guy says his guy said that Trump once freaked out because the concierge garbage can was a cheap plastic job and not the finest, classiest alabaster, or whatever.

*Go ahead. And guess what anniversary is tomorrow.

Battle of the Three Seas: The Final Edit

We are procrastinating about opening The Battle of the Three Seas doc. In fact we just don't want to do it.

What's wrong now? What's not working? What needs fleshing out?

We feel nothing but great fear and trepidation.

[I'm sorry, did you transition up there in the Berkshires? Are you one of those men who menstruates? Are you trying to play women's handball or something? -Ed]

It's times like this we need to giver ourselves the writer's motivational speech. 

Also, it's time for a little go-go 80's inspiration, Push it to the Limit:

France Week: Merde

Back in the 1990s when we attended a non-Jesuit university in Washington DC, we had a German* professor positively baffled by American's dislike for the French. Americans seemingly have no problem with Germany and France is America's oldest ally. Of course we throttled the Krauts twice in the 20th century, so magnanimity comes easy.

Why hate the French, he wanted to know.

That's a really good question.

As we've previously noted, our hatred of France began in '86 with the whole Libya thing.

But there's a lot more to it then that. By the 1980's French rudeness was legendary as was their anti-English crusade. We've always been annoyed by French pretenses to greatness. The average Frenchmen thinks France helped win WWII. Sorry Frenchy, but you no more won WWII than did Denmark. Our own grandfather fought in France in the war as did millions of other Americans. A little gratitude would have been nice.

*He had a perfect English University accent and it took us half a semester to figure out he was a Bosch.

Dear Critics: We Write what we Want

Over at Chris Brecheen's Writing about Writing, a controversy about writing and J.K. Rowling and a  critic who told her to stop writing Harry Potter.

First we're going to ask a question of ourselves and then answer it.

Why do we write?

Easy, we get an idea and think it would be cool to turn it into a novel. This gets us into a lot of trouble. World War 1990 was supposed to be one book. One. But the ideas just keep coming. Hmmm...Cuba...hmmm...The Netherlands...

And so we make that idea happen.

Besides, the WW1990 books sell. If you think we're working on books focused on a single nation to break into that nation's market, well, that's we're you're right...Esercito Italian...NL...

Israel Strikes did so well we wrote a sequel, which also sells.

Brecheen lays it down for critics:
First of all, JK Rowling doesn't write for other people. She loves her fans, but you can't rightly say that she writes for them. She doesn't write for her editors. She doesn't write for her critics. She doesn't write for money. She certainly doesn't write for the careers of upstart writers such as yourself.

Rowling writes for the same reason writers have written since the dawn of language. Because our soul burns to write and without it we would die. She writes because in a very real way, she doesn't have a choice. She sits down for eight to twelve hours a day (according to her own interviews) and creates something with the same impetus that drives artists the world over.
In the end, we write for ourselves. There just happens to be a lot of people like us who want to read the books we want to write because we write what we want to read.

This is how and why we wrote our first novel, begun with a sudden overwhelming drive to create:

Trump to Omar: Drop Dead

People to whom we pay much attention and respect...

[Cough Powerline Cough-Ed]

...think Trump really screwed up with his Ilhan Omar tweet.

We don't see it.

Ilhan Omar bashes America and Trump simply says what we all think. Which is about a quarter of Trump's appeal to begin with.

If reader(s) think we've gone over to the dark side and believe all Trump actions are part of some grand 4-D chess move, reader(s) are correct.

Meanwhile, here's how the Dems' day went:
Thanks to Trump the subject is Ilhan Omar and that is bad news for the Dems. 

This blog can't wait to see what he does with Miss Venezuela.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

France Week: Bastille Day

We don't mean to bash France or the French on Bastille Day, but we've always thought it ironic that the storming of the Bastille and the eventual overthrow of King Louis led to a decade of internal turmoil ending with a self appointed emperor.

This is not the American idea of Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite.

The French revolution was not the last revolution, merely the first of many, 1832, 1871...they damn near had a military coup in the 1950s over the Algerian mess.

You can't say that about the American Revolution.

Napoleon was a great man of course, and unique in that he didn't care about one's background, only his competency. Napoleon was very competent. So we're not a monarchist or anything.

Besides, the Napoleonic Wars are totally cool.

Will's Good Idea for the Week of 7-14-19

During these last two weeks of July we'll be editing World War 1990: Battle of the of the Three Seas.

This really oughta be it, the last one, fin, finale. 

Right? Right?


I detect sarcasm.

[There's hope for you-Ed]

Again with the sarcasm...

We're not really planning to add anything, though this blog's blessed Italian section is on our case about adding some of those elite underwater commando types of the Regia Marina. We'll alter the plan if we can make the book better.

Anyway, we haven't even looked at the MS in like a month, so the reading will be totally fresh in every way.

7-14-19 in New Jersey: Bastille Day Edition

Bastille Day will be celebrated throughout the state including Jersey City,  Frenchtown will of course be hosting festivities, and Trenten will inaugurate it's first ever Bastille Day Celebration:
TRENTON — Mayor Reed Gusciora and the City of Trenton will be hosting its first Bastille Day Celebration on Friday, July 12 from 4-8 p.m. on S. Warren Street between E. State and Lafayette Street.

The celebration will include several activities such as a Waiters’ Race, with a grand prize of a 4 night hotel accommodation in Orlando, Florida or Las Vegas, Nevada; French cuisine; French entertainment; a Marie Antoinette costume contest; and more. There will also be a competition for dogs, with awards given to the best pets dressed in the French-themed costumes.
At Casa de Stroock  we'll be flying Les Tri  Colour and hosting a ceremonial viewing of Is Paris Burning? Those Allemand bastards...

Vive De Gaulle. Vive Napoleon! Vive Foch & Petain! Vive le France!

The Bookers

Turns out the Booker family is well connected in New Jersey. Just look at Cory Booker's brother, Cary:
After working as a policy consultant on Murphy’s campaign in 2017, Cary Booker became the administration’s senior education adviser in 2018, earning $120,000. This June, six days before Murphy stumped for Cory Booker’s presidential campaign in Iowa, the Democratic governor’s administration awarded Cary Booker a new $150,000 position leading the state’s Division of Early Childhood Education, which focuses on birth to third grade.

Yet Cary Booker has never worked in preschools in any capacity, and his primary experience with young elementary school students was at Omni Prep, according to a resume obtained through an open records request. His tenure as an administrator at the small charter school should raise questions about how qualified he is to lead a department shaping pre-K and early elementary education for an entire state, former employees said.
This little tidbit about Cary Booker's failed school matches our own experience teaching at a second rate Orthodox Jewish Yeshiva on Terhune Avenue in Passaic, NJ.
The financial woes weren’t a shock — when the school opened the previous fall it provided no books, no curriculum and almost no training for its novice educators, former teachers said in interviews with NJ Advance Media. But now the charming and charismatic face of the school offered no solution.
Booker's parents were IBM execs. Cory attended Stanford and played college football. He's a pretty interesting man, according to his bio, one of the reasons we voted for him. 

Too bad he's an idiot man-child.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Saturday Update

Pershing's War is coming along swimmingly. It's at 40,000 + words and we have the Battle of the Moselle Heights set up. We need to write a day's worth of action and then the decisive moment. We expect more good work to follow.

We'll be submitting another op-ed to our Ruski friends at Inforos.

Blog traffic up a lot in the last week. Sales, not so much. 

We landscaped the hell out of the this place with various power tools and have kept our appendages.


The Fami de Stroock is returning HQ tomorrow. Which we give us lots of time to plot.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Friday Flag

Courtesy of our neighbor, Mr. Chris Cobb, Great Barrington, Massachusetts:

Will's Raft and Float Recovery Service

The Stroock family has had this house on Lake Buel since 1973.

Only a few years ago did we get a motorboat, the Waterproof named after our grandmother's home town.

That was our idea.

Our grandparents never got one, though it was spoken of, mostly by our grandfather. Our southern belle of a grandmother didn't want to shell out for one. 

The dman things are a hell of a lot of trouble. As noted last week our gas cap fell off and we spent four days trying to fit a replacement. It was agony. A day after that the awning flew off. In 2016 we damn near killed out oldest when rafting.

We mean to place a placard by the steering wheel: Caution, this boat unlucky.

Last evening a storm was a commin' and we went down to the dock to make sure the Waterproof was secure. All seemed fine then we looked down the canal. A hundred yards away, down by the beaver damn which one can see from space, lay our raft.
That rowboat is as old as we are.

One day we'll send it off Viking style. But that day was not yesterday.

Pro-tip, always bring your own rope.

We was Had

Via Breitbart, Paul Ryan was and is a weak, pathetic man:
An upcoming book reveals former House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) has returned to attacking President Donald Trump’s character, taking particular offense to his dismissive nickname for pornographic actress Stormy Daniels.

Politico Magazine’s Tim Alberta writes in American Carnage: On the Front Lines of the Republican Civil War and the Rise of President Trump that Ryan “Now out of office and trading in his power suits for a blue vest” is once again criticizing the president and “saw retirement as the ‘escape hatch,'” according to an excerpt obtained by the Washington Post.
The Democrat Party wants to turn the Southwest into North Mexico but Trump said Stormy Daniels is a horseface.

Paul Ryan is a loser. A failed veep candidate and a failed speaker. Ryan lost the House to Pelosi and AOC. He was supposed to be the conservatism of wonkiness, the idea man. The speaker who'd get conservative ideas enacted. 

He didn't.

Ryan managed not to stop Obama's agenda or advance the Trump agenda and it seems he's more upset with Trump than the left.

Ryan and the rest of the GOPe is how we got Trump and why need him more than ever.

Wither Gay Acceptance

The Guardian reports that gays, LBGTs, QWERTys, or whatever, ain't as popular as they once were:
Thirty years of increasingly liberal attitudes towards gay sex may be coming to an end after the number of people who said they considered it wrong rose for the first time since the Aids crisis.
In 1987 when every household received sombre leaflets warning “don’t die of ignorance”, nine out of 10 people thought there was something wrong with sexual relations between two adults of the same sex.

Every year since, tolerance had increased, but now the British Social Attitudes Survey has found the number of people believing there is nothing wrong with gay sex has fallen, leaving a third of the population in some way opposed.

The finding, based on a survey of 2,884 people, coincided with the first dip in more than a decade in people saying they think sex before marriage is not at all wrong, with people from non-Christian religious groups the most likely to disapprove.
Non-Christian religious groups.

Gee, wonder whose driving the gay acceptance number down in Britain?

[If you thought about the things you wrote just a little...Ed]

The west just had a month of gay pride and rainbow flags. The whole thing is rather establishment at this point.

We wonder if people aren't fed up with the Gaystopo stomping anyone who doesn't agree that homosexuality is just dandy.* 

We've gone from, 'well if two dudes want to get it on, what the hell do I care?' to men competing in women's sports and Drag Queen Story Time.

Bake the cake does not persuade but bully, and the Gay Rights movement is feeling some backlash.

*Rainbow Shirts?
** I didn't tag this post becuase I don't want some gay wokescold finding it.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

AOC Supports Nazis

AOC's chief of staff admires Subhas Chandra Bose:
Saikat Chakrabarti, the chief of staff for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, came under scrutiny for having worn a T-shirt that featured Nazi collaborator Subhas Chandra Bose.

In December 2018, following his boss's congressional victory, Chakrabarti did a video with NowThis News, titled "Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Chief of Staff on Acting Fast in Congress," in which he wore a T-shirt with Bose's face.

Chakrabarti's choice of apparel is receiving a fresh round of criticism after Ocasio-Cortez, a New York Democrat, positively quoted Nazi sympathizer Eva PerĂ³n, the former first lady of Argentina.

These two are completely ignorant of history. We bet Chakrabarti thinks Churchill is a colonialist and war criminal.

For the record, this blog supports British Colonialism 100%. Or does Chakrabarti think Suti and Thugee are A-OK?

Kipling was right. About everything. We recommend his novel Kim which is essentially Tom Sawyer on the Ganges.

Over 2 million Indians fought in the British Indian Army, including thousands of officers. Indian divisions served in all theatres of the war to great honor and glory.

Bose worked for the Japanese and was a Nazi sympathizer.

7-11-19 in New Jersey

Governor Phil Murphy is a little man:
The Murphy administration has specified $235 million in programs the governor is putting a hold on until revenues meet projections.

Gov. Phil Murphy announced that he would hold $235 million in reserve when he signed the fiscal year 2020 budget on Sunday. The money will be released once revenues meet expectations.

The programs range from $50,000 for a traffic study in Little Ferry to more than $100 million in aid for struggling cities and towns.
That last item is a blatant attempt to hurt municipalities and stick Senate Leader Steve Sweeney with the blame.

Murphy lost the battle over his phony-baloney Millionaire's Tax and now he's going to pout.

Governor Phil Murphy is a little man, petty.

Sweeney 2021!

Writer the Humbled

Ace, as he is want to do, makes an excellent point:
Any journalist who has ever written a short story about CERN thinks she's pretty much a high-energy physicist, only technically missing a credential here or there, but otherwise, yeah, a working high-energy physicist herself.
They really do believe this. "I wrote the word 'quarks' in an article one time! And now I can split atoms with my mind!!!"
Because they're stupid. The stupid do not know what they don't know.
Everything seems simple to the stupid, because they're simple-minded themselves.
We've played guitar for 15 years and still don't think we really know what we're doing. There's a reason why we don't post guitar vids each and every week. We just don't think we're that good and it takes a hell of a lot of work to get confident enough that the nerves don't bring us down during a recording.

Which is why when we write we try to stick with things we know.

We are an expert on somethings. History, military history, the American revolution. We are merely well informed on others, Israeli politics, etc. 

Which means we have no business telling governments how to fight wars or politicians how to run campaigns. All we can do is site similar examples from the past and hope we learn from them.

For as often as we are right, and we are often right, we are also sometimes very, very wrong.

Just ask President Romney.

Plight of the Uighurs hear Muslim Crickets

Remember this next time a Muslim leader complains about Israeli treatment of Palestinians:
More than 1 million Muslim Uighurs in the Xinjiang region of China, their native land, are believed to have been interned in so-called reeducation camps by the Chinese authorities. The number may be as high as 2 or 3 million—out of a population of 11 million. Trapped along with them are Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, and Uzbeks, other Muslim minorities, though in smaller numbers. The Uighurs still on the outside are living in one of the world’s most pervasive and heavy-handed surveillance regimes, in which the camps are just one form of containment and punishment. Uighurs live in constant fear of arbitrary detention and can expect swift retribution for any expression of Turkic or Muslim identity—to the absurd extent that giving your child a traditional Muslim name is illegal.
Of course a million Arabs and Muslims live in Israel and are free to do what they want.

For 70 years the Arab world has used the Palestinians for their own propaganda purposes. The supposedly Arab nationalist Egypt, the supposed Arab kingdom of Jordan, the Gulf States rich on petro-dollars, don't actually want to help the Palestinians. They won't lift a finger to help the Uighur's either.

These are dysfunctional states, Kakocracies who need Israel to distract their people from the failures of their own government.

Israel is the only Middle Eastern nation that actually cares about the Palestinians.

Wither Iran

Between Iran's failed tanker attacks, their failed attempt to provoke American retaliation, and now their failed attempt to seize a British oil tanker, the Iranians look kinda silly.

Note also Iran recently revealed that Israeli F-35s roamed Iranian airspace with impunity, a fact Netanyahu has gleefully pointed out:
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Tehran on Tuesday that Israel’s F-35 fighter jets can reach “anywhere in the Middle East,” following threats against Israel in recent weeks by senior Iranian officials.

“Lately, Iran has been threatening Israel with destruction,” Netanyahu said, standing in front of an F-35 Adir jet during a visit to the Nevatim Air Force Base in the south. “It should remember that these planes can reach every place in the Middle East, including Iran, and of course also Syria.”
When the Israelis take on that mocking, semi-ironic tone it means bad news for their enemies.

Call it, Iranic.

[Oh you...clap...clap...clap..]

The Iranians may be Persian terrorist masterminds, but right now they look like bumbling Arabs.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

7-10-19 in New Jersey

Senator Corey Booker, for whom we voted, is an idiot:

"But should I become president of the United States, and the stars in the universe line up, and my team is the Super Bowl champions that year, I’m telling you right now, when they’re in the White House, I will turn to the world and say — it won’t be a slip of the tongue — I will say, ‘I am proud to be here with the New Jersey Giants. At that point, I figure I will have swagger, Secret Service, the nuclear codes. Are they really going to step to me and correct me?”
Thus Spartacus proclaimed in an interview with Brad Jenkins.*

OK, for those who don't know the New York Giants actually play across the river in New Jersey. Met Life stadium is just one of the many eyesores one encounters on the northern spur of the New Jersey Turnpike.**

Giants Stadium opened in 1976.

The Jets used to play there too, despite their fan base being on Staten Island and Long Island. Nobody ever pined for the New Jersey Jets. 

Northern New Jersey is Giants country.

At one point one used to see New Jersey Giants stickers here and there, but it hasn't really been a point of contention for decades.

*Obama flunky.
**See also the Pulaski Skyway, Newark.

Wither American Jews

This is not appropriate:
The rate of intermarriage among US Jews is “like a second Holocaust,” Israel’s new minister of education said. Rafi Peretz made the statement at a cabinet meeting on July 1, Axios reported Tuesday, citing three people who were in the room. Peretz, a former chief rabbi of the Israeli army, is the leader of the Union of Right Wing Parties bloc. Peretz said the assimilation of Jews around the world and mostly in the US was “like a second Holocaust,” and also said that, due to intermarriages in the last 70 years, the Jewish people “lost 6 million people,” according to the report, which added that Peretz’s spokesman confirmed the account.
Oh hell, we don't know, maybe it's appropriate.

We ourselves are a product of intermarriage. To tell a family secret, my mother was Methodist.*

We know for a fact that our in-laws were relieved their daughter found a (half) Jewish guy. They lived in Delaware, a state with 7,000 Jews.

As noted previously in Hendrick Hudson High School one was either Irish, Jewish or Italian and being Jewish was no more or less remarkable than being anything else. In the old South Jews were welcomed as People of the Book. We know, out grandmother grew up on Baton Rouge, and later Waterproof Louisiana .

A gentile friend once pointed out to us that Jews have never before faced a threat like America. Nobody cares. 

*What movie am I riffing off of? You know the drill. 

Watch Rio Bravo

The other day this blog's Confederate Contingent castigated us for implying one could watch Rio Bravo too much.

Quite right, actually. It's one of our ten favorite movies and we've loved it since childhood.

Why is it so good?

Well, you've got John Wayne walking around with a Springfield repeater, which is cool as all hell. He plays Frank Chance, the sheriff out on a limb holding the local crime bosses' brother (Nathan Burdette) on murder charges. Chance is on his own except for his drunk deputy, Dude, whose just hit rock-bottom and an old coot, Stumpy.

Chance's teamster friend tries to help him and gets killed for the trouble, this brings in Wheeler's hired gun, the kid Colorado who is so good he feels he doesn't have to prove it. 

Then there's the lovely Angie Dickinson, a flirt whose very interested in Chance. She's no damsel by the way, but always in control and self-possessed. Also, damn....There's also Consuela, Carlos the hotelier's spicy Latina wife. We could kick off a Maryann v Ginger style debate here. We've watched Carlos closely and urge younger reader(s) to do the same. The man understands women. Two words: rojo pantalones.

From there we have a cozy little Western as Nathan Burdette tries to spring his brother.

30 % Sane means 70 % Nuts

Two polls out in recent days show Biden holding on to his 30%  with Warren, Bernie and Willie Brown's girlfriend each garnering 15%.

Mayor Pete, the 5th piece of the Dems' Intersectional pentagram gets about 5%. Rainbow dollars do not translate into votes. Their just aren't enough of them. We insist Julian Castro will have his moment.

Biden's shows us exactly what percent of the Democrat Party is sane. These are the desperate, the scared, the panicked. We bet there's a lot of old Dems in the Biden 30, people who remember when the GOP won 5 of 6 presidential elections and had a lock on California. They're scared and they're supporting Biden because he's the closest they can get to Bill or JFK. 

Biden 2020's Bob Dole.

The math is not good for Biden. Of course our academic training is history, not mathematics, but we've run the numbers and if Fauxcocahontas, Bernie, and Harris combine they trounce Biden 45-30.

Someone is going to find something else Biden did or said and the race will come down to the socialist trinity. Sorry Bernie, but you're not going anywhere in Ilhan Omar's Democrat party. Soon enough the rest of the losers, we're looking at Bobby Francis, our own Corey Booker*, are going to drop out. 

So it's going to come down Liz and Kam.

We can't decide what kind of joke to go with here so we'll just leave it alone.

*Fiercely heterosexual, as Ace likes to say. Remember, Ace is always right. There's no excuse for not reading AoS everyday.