Friday, October 18, 2019

Special Statement: Friday Flag

Breaking: Must Credit William Stroock dot blogspot dot com

Flash: William Stroock announces the Friday Flag will be put off till Saturday in anticipation of Parliament's Brexit vote, scheduled to take place at 2 PM GMT

Jews in Space

The Times of Israel tells us that one of the gals in the first all female space walk is a Jew.

You know what that means.

[Oh no. - Ed]

Oh yes!:

Warren Withers will Hillary! do - I mean take - one last shot?

The syphilis is really getting to Hillary! as she is now claiming Representative Tulsi Gabbard* is a Russian agent.

We're not kidding.

The statistical whiz-kids** at the Stroock Analytic Desk believe there is a 25.9 percent chance Hillary! jumps into the race and a 68.5 percent chance she wins the nomination.

This is very plausible. The other candidates went on the warpath against Elizabeth Warren in the last debate. They may not of scalped Warren, but their arrows certainly hit and no one is in the mood to smoke the peace pipe with her. That was the worst day in the Warren family since the Trail of Tears.

This leaves Bernie, Ukraine Joe, and the big chief, with anything from 15 to 25 percent of the vote. There's no real front runner.

Chill the white wine spritzers and queue Enter Sandman becuase here comes Hillary!

*By Ganesh and Shiva, she's so cute. Ahhh….my little surfer girl.
**We do live in Chindia.

[Are you saying that Asians and Indians are naturally good at math?-Ed]

Yes. Yes I am. Have you seen the test scores?


Will Colludes Again

My latest over at Inforos:
Republican political guru Karl Rove, often derisively called ‘Bush’s Brain’, managed George W. Bush’s two successful presidential campaigns in the 2000s. Rove focused on defending the red, Republican leaning states and maximizing conservative turnout in battleground purple states like Florida and Ohio. However, the Bush-Rove brand of free-trade and open-borders conservatism was unpopular with white working-class voters in Rust Belt states like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, states no Republican presidential candidate had won since 1988. As such, Rove’s strategy was inherently defensive. The Rust Belt became the Democrat’s Blue Wall, invincible against Republicans. Republican nominees John McCain and Mitt Romney stood little chance in these states in 2008 and 2012. In 2008 McCain’s campaign publicly gave up on Michigan.
Click on over for the rest.

Boris in Command

Whether or not the Commons approves Boris' deal remains to be seen. Our sense at 7.29 in the morning is that it will. That said Labour and the other parties are opposed.

Check out Guido Fawkes for updates.

In any event, as we suspected Boris is saying my 'deal or no deal' so if there is a crash-out it's not his fault.

Well played, sir. 

*See what I did with the title?

Thursday, October 17, 2019

The Boris Maru

Brexit a true Exit?


Herr Farage does not seem entirely pleased, but that's his job.

This blog is cautiously optimistic.

The Commons votes on Saturday.

Boris has put Labour in an impossible situation. Vote yes and they betray Remain. Vote no and they're responsible for a crash-out, no-deal Brexit after Boris did everything he could.

Right now Boris goes to the polls as the man who delivered Brexit and will return from an election the undisputed king of British politics, vanquishing all enemies and leaving a weak and flaccid post-Corbyn Labour in his wake.

Unless they can hack the system and reprogram the computer, Labour is effed.


Trump Resets the Matrix to Trump

Let there be no doubt that this blog loves everything about President Donald John Trump.


Yesterday he has San Fran Nan and the worst Jew in America to the White House for a consultation on Syria, which fell into bitter acrimony and recrimination. 


Then Trump Trumps. Behold:

Trump's troll level on the Trump Troll Level Matrix: Trump.

Trump's achieving Trump on the Matrix was thought to be impossible by physicists, yet he did it. It's the nexus of the troll. The intersection of 4th Street and D. Trump opened up the time tunnel, looked into the abyss and saw Trump.

You ever get the sense that Trump knows what he's doing?

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

CNN: What I saw There

We'll tell ya, there are two journalism ethics issues we saw unfolding when we were at CNN.

On our very first day Tom Hannon, director of the Political Unit, was discussing with Beth Fouey, one of the producers of Inside Politics, rumors then floating around that Governor George W. Bush did cocaine in the 70's. At issue was whether they had proper sourcing and was it even news worthy? Do note this was February 1999, before those rumors had seeped into the public discourse. It was the first we'd heard of them.

Later there was a big controversy over a plan to have Algore guest host Larry King Live. A lot of people on the floor were pissed about the idea, he was a candidate after all. We saw genuine anger. The plan was scrapped.

We were in the room for a couple hundred morning calls with Atlanta and we never, ever heard anything like Jeff Zucker was doing in the Project Veritas tapes. Reporters, producers and other assorted staff talked about the day's news and issues and from there decided what they should broadcast that day, that's it. 

Algore was talking about sprawl, so they did a piece on sprawl. After The Phantom Menace was out for a few weeks, they did a piece on the politics in the film. 

Our point is that yes, CNN was biased, but it had journalistic standards.

Yank goes Dutch

Our Dutch guy, whose is certainly smarter than we, has read the Nederland opener and the governmental chapter that follows PM Lubbers around as he deals with the invasion crisis. He seems generally pleased and entertained. At least the Lubbers chapter wasn't a total disaster.

No Dutchmen will read Nederland and think, 'By god, it's like this Stroock fellow has lived among us lo these many years. A handsome devil to boot.'

Well, he'll say that last part...

[Did you just come out?-Ed]

Which reminds us, this book will need an intro pointing out that while our name is Dutch, we're a Yank.

Adequate? Given the subject matters and obstacles we'll take it. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Klazed Out

The Klazienaveen chapter is duuuun? (he said in an elongated up-talking, questioning manner).

Needs editing of course.

This should clear the way for the final battle of Dutch I Corps against a couple or three Soviet divisions. 

Some of that was done waaaaaay back in December. 

Now we wrote those bits in a different style, without hard breaks just segways passing off one character POV to another. You know, a tanker see's an F-16 in the sky, the POV gets passed off the F-16 pilot.

Should we keep it that way?

In the meantime we'll tool with the naval chapter some.

Canada won't go Back. Stays Black

Anyone else paying attention to Canada's looming election?
Polls show Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives will win between 30-35 percent of the vote against Prime Minister Black Face's 28-30 percent. Personally we think Andrew Scheer is a hoser and would much prefer the Cons had picked populist firebrand Maxime Bernier.

Oh well.

We have a man on the ground in Canada who thinks Scheer will win a minority government. However rumors abound that should the Cons fail to win an outright majority, Justin will refuse to leave and try to form a minority government with the lefty NDP*.

This seems like the most likely scenario to us. After all, when in the last three years has a liberal, anywhere,  admitted defeat? The left's refusal to lose gracefully has produced electoral deadlock in Britain and America. There's no reason to think the same thing won't happen in Canada. 

Justin, give up his hereditary right to rule? Surely you jest.

There's always hope that Stroock's law will kick in and conservatives are being under polled.

But don't count on it. 

A better man:
*We find their leader quite likable, actually.

Will: The CNN Experience-I work here

We went to work at CNN Inside Politics in February of 1999. The office was/is located just down the street from Union Station. Every morning we'd take the Metro from Alexandria King Street into the District, a nice little half-hour commute, or so. We got a lot of reading done.

Now let's get something strait. We were the office equivalent of a hired hand. Not quite a temp, not quite a permanent employee. What me mean is we weren't being groomed for advancement. We were the guy they hired to do scut-work. We were actually less important than the interns. But we saw a hell of a lot.

So what did we actually do? We Xeroxed, we collated, we gathered data. For a while we entered poll data into their system. We transcribed political ads.

Inside Politics was located in a small office of about a dozen people headed by a producer (director?) named Tom Hannon. Nice guy, very late middle-aged Baby Boomer, if you know the type.

The whiff of Bill Clinton's impeachment still hung in the air. We once remarked on their use of horrible looking photos of Linda Tripp whenever they talked about her on air. We were met with a smirk, 'Yeah, well we don't like her very much,' a young female producer replied. Speaking of:

In CNN's case, the decision to put young people on the air has its roots in the 1992 Presidential election. That was the year Bill Clinton and Ross Perot went beyond the traditional news media to make their pitches directly to a wider audience, using talk radio, Larry King, David Letterman, Jay Leno and MTV. Tom Hannon, CNN's political director, said it was this new dynamic that inspired him to hire young journalists this year.

The office was actually loaded with young female news producers, which we'll get to in another post*.

Everything was geared toward producing that day's edition of Inside Politics. Just as we see in the first of the Project Veritas tapes, the day began with a morning phone call at the main table. That table was covered with editions of the New York Times, The Washington Post, the Washington Times, and the LA Times. Newspaper coverage set the agenda...and away they went.

*Babes of CNN. 

Monday, October 14, 2019

The Answer to Monday Metal

If it's Monday, it's Monday Metal and if it's Monday Metal, it's The Answer and if it's The Answer, it's Caught on the Riverbed:
We are working feverishly to decipher that absolutely thunderous and stunning solo.

We listen to them on the treadmill, 30 minutes, motherfuckers. This is also when we think about plot. So when the NATO counterattack on the Weser is called Operation Spangled Banner, this is why.

Here's another good one:

Western Elites

My latest over at Inforos:
Despite holding two elections this year, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is no closer to forming a government than he was before the elections. The Knesset is sharply divided between religious Jerusalem and secular Tel Aviv one might say. In Jerusalem is Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition of nationalist and religious parties, in Tel Aviv Benny Ganz’s Blue and Whites, a fusion party of secular voters who loathe Netanyahu and resent the privileges enjoyed by Israel’s Haredi Jews. These include control of Israeli religious life and institutions and exemption from the nation’s otherwise universal draft. The Haredi often live on the public dole. Standing above all this is Avigdor Liberman’s Israeli Bitenyu Party, itself a nationalist party composed almost entirely of Russian Jews. Liberman advocates for the destruction of Hamas, but opposes the Haredi. With Bibi and Avi, the dispute is personal as Liberman quit as Minister of Defense, triggering the first round of elections this past spring. The Israeli deadlock along political-socio-economic lines is not isolated but endemic to the entire west.
Click on over for the rest.

Will: The CNN Experience

James O'Keefe's says Project Veritas is bombing CNN beginning 12 PM today:

Judging by the previews it's at our old workplace at CNN Washington.

Honestly, we're most curious to see how the office has changed.
Though we've done so before, this week we'll go into what we saw during our six months working at CNN Inside Politics.

Trump's Great Week

Trump unleashes a ferocious, wheremacht style counterattack upon the Dems and the media, breaks their brains, and forces them to talk about Joe and Hunter Biden, and makes them look like morons doing it.

Trump gets US troops out of the way in Syria, forces the Kurds to talk to Assad and turns the Syrians against the Turks. The Levant is Erdogan's problem now.

Trump makes a campaign stop in the Louisiana governor race and forces a runoff.

Trump announces a partial deal in which the Chicoms agree to buy billions in American farm goods, open up their market to American financial services companies, and take steps to protect American intellectual property. All Trump has to do is not race tariffs again. That's it.

By the end of the week Fox's bogus poll showing 51% favoring impeachment was shown to be bogus. The nation is not, repeat not 48% Democrat. And by the way, when a  poll shows that, say 19% of Republicans support impeachment, all that means is 19% of Republicans enjoy fucking with pollsters.*

On Friday Trump was at 49% in the Rasmussen.

Now that's what I call winning.

*Official Stroock policy.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Will's Good Idea for the week of 10/13/19

We're able to crank out two novels a year.

We think we're doing America Strikes: the War with Iran in 2020.

Now, which WW1990 novel do you people want to see? The Weser or the The Final Storm.

Weekend Updates

We actually went an entire day without doing anything work related whatsoever, on purpose.

We are giving our Hawaii short story its final read.

We are submitting an article to Inforos on the collapse of the global elites.

We are sticking with our Klazienaveen format, which means no cuts and more work. It is what it is.

We are reading Edmund Morris' Theodore Rex, about Teddy Roosevelt, which seems apropos.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Here Comes Chelsea!

As predicted during the Anthony Weiner scandal:
Suburban New York Democrats want the Clinton machine back in Congress. Top officials in the Westchester County Democratic Party were pitching Chelsea Clinton Wednesday on launching a 2020 bid for Nita Lowey’s seat in light of the longtime congresswoman’s retirement announcement, according to a party source familiar with the matter.
From there the Clinton's push aside Senator Kirsten Gillibrand*, it's Hillary!'s seat anyway, and voila, another Clinton is a national figure. 

As radio-host-shockjock warned when Hillary! carpet bagged to New York 20 years ago, the Clintons are never going away.

*Dumb blonde.