Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Watch Fauda

Fauda is Arabic for 'chaos' and the title of the hit Israeli show about a team of Mossad operatives pursuing a Hamas terrorist - the Panther.*

We just finished watching Season 1 and are delighted to say Season-2 is coming out next week:

Now the reader is probably thinking, 'Oh sure, he loves Fauda, a bunch of brave Mossad operatives battling evil, cowardly Hamas.'

Fauda is nothing like that. It's pretty neutral as far as the conflict goes. In fact the Palestinians come off pretty sympathetically. The Panther's wife and children are caught up in the pursuit, as is his brother and fiancée. In Fauda it's the Israelis are ruthless and leave a pile of bodies everywhere they go.

Along the way love and loyalties are tested as Mossad members ask themselves if it's all worth while. Agents lose family, comrades and their way.  Is getting the Panther worth becoming  the Panther?

Fauda looks and feels the way an American would think the Middle East looks and feels**. The show comes in 35-40 minute bits, making it very bingeable. As Fauda was filmed in Hebrew and Arabic, watch out for over-dubbing and sub-titles.

*In Israel Strikes we named the chief Hezbollah General 'The Hornet'.
**I guess that's what the Middle East really looks and feels like.

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