Sunday, July 15, 2018

Israel Revving up the Lawn Mower

Well, Hamas and Israel are at it again:

Throughout the day on Saturday and the early morning hours of Sunday, Israel struck a wide range of terrorist targets in the Gaza strip responding to incessant rocket and mortar fire emanating from the coastal enclave over the weekend, the IDF spokesperson reported.

Among the targets on Saturday were the headquarters of Hamas's Beit Lahiya Battalion, with jets striking urban warfare training facilities, weapon storage warehouses, training compounds, command centers and offices as well as a high-rise building in the Shati refugee camp in Gaza city.

Boys will be boys.

Since the massacre a few months ago, in which 52 Palestinians were killed trying to breach the fence, Hamas has turned to incendiary kites, which has a low tech genius, actually. Remember the 9/11 airliners were hijacked with boxcutters and threats. These kites are as hard to stop as missile launches.

They're a major nuisance.

So what to do? How many times can the Israelis 'mow the lawn'. Some pundits complain that efforts like Operation Cast Lead or Operation Protective Edge make the Israelis look bad in the eyes of the world. But Israel is going to look bad no matter what.

The Israelis are dangling economic incentives in front of Hamas, including a seaport, but Hamas isn't interested in economics. Maybe the Gazans will listen.

I dunno. Those kids look like they're having a great time.

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