Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Delta This

Animal House was released 40 years ago this summer.

For reasons best known to our parents, we were allowed to watch Animal House at the age of 7 or 8. We love the film, of course.

Animal House is why we pledged a fraternity in the spring of 1993. A-X-P! We had toga parties and our class named a pledge Flounder. We were named Flushman. Don't ask.

Yes we were all inspired by Animal House. But we knew not to drop off inebriated girls at their doorstep, peep on the sororities, and tell lies to girls about our dead girlfriends. You know why? Becuase as George Lucas once said, 'It's a movie. None of its real.'

Reader(s) don't need us to tell them the film has become 'problematic' with the usual killjoys. 

'That's not funny', they say.

Of course it is.

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