Thursday, August 2, 2018

Vive le Rush!

Yesterday was Rush Limbaugh's 30th anniversary.

We haven't listened to him much in recent years as our radio interest shifted to sports-talk. But we've logged in thousands of hours of Rush time and in the 90's we were a Ditto-head.

We first heard of Rush in 1992 when 60 Minutes (commie bastards) did a profile on him. The piece was an eye opener for us, as it featured several feminazis (spell check recognizes the word, thanks Rush!) saying he shouldn't be on the air. Hadn't these people ever heard of free speech?* That fall one of our new friends in college was a fan, and would have Rush on the radio while we played Madden 93.

If you listen to a man enough you get to know him. Over the years Rush's humanity came across the air and we learned a lot about him. He'd talk about his second wife Marta and her kids, he once aired an interview with his 100 year old grandfather**, he described his early financial troubles, his love of football, his hearing loss, his weight issues, etc, etc.***

For three hours everyday Rush is having a great time. His attitude is infectious. We felt very much the same during our six years as an adjunct professor.

Something else we learned about Rush, this is a man who loves and respects radio. We used to spend dozens of hours a week in the car commuting or driving from DC to Delaware to visit our girlfriend. Rush made those hours a lot easier.

*Surely you jest.
**We relate
***Yesterday President Trump called in, Rush was downright giddy.

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