Wednesday, August 1, 2018

World War 1990: Polish Storm

The proof has shipped.

In four days we formatted the interior, designed the cover and uploaded the files. Why did we ever rely on CreateSpace to do this?

Did we mention that we've cut our production costs in half?

In the meantime we're going through The Final Storm and fixing things. This includes repairing some ghastly errors. Let's just say the Anglo-American language schism is alive and well. Recall that in Arctic Storm we invented the Royal Navy rank of ensign. And there we were thinking we were clever for having a few Bernard Manning references.*

You don't know what you don't know, as they say. 

[You don't know much, Yank-Ed]

Aw honey...time of the month?

[I just want some chocolate!-Ed]

I thought so. Here you go...


Anyway, we're also beefing up the submarine warfare scenes trying to give them some sense of realism. No, if you were on HMS Trafalgar you're not going to think, 'Wow, it's like he was hot-bunking with me!' ** Still, we're fighting the boats as realistically as we can.

When will The Final Storm be ready? Not sure. It's possible we'll be submitting it on 1 September. That's our goal.


Is that you, Ed?'

[No, an even higher authority.]

Charleton Heston?

*Go look him up on YouTube. Very funny.
**Where three sailors share a bunk by shifts....homophobe.

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