Monday, April 30, 2018

Rich, White, Liberal Parents: Segregation Forever

It has been 50 days since we crossed the Hudson River and we're loving it.

Watch the clip below to understand why. Watch rich white liberals going the full George Wallace to keep colored kids out of their schools:

God, we hate these people.

Our grandfather wanted us to be one of them.

All that money, all that privilege; and their freaking out becuase their little darlings might have to go to a regular middle school.

My fellow Normies, you have to understand these people. They're the Manhattan smart-set. These are the ad execs, the non-profit lawyers, the financiers, the architects, the museum curators. They have all the right opinions. They have all the right friends. They have all the right tastes. And the sure as hell send their kids to all the right schools.

We've known a few of them in our time. We knew a couple that shelled out $40,000 for their twin's...Pre-K,  Pre-K, people. Becuase that sets the stage for getting into the right school, with the right program, leading to the right college. This is the smart set's quest to ensure their children end up just like them. 

Now their little fiefdom is threatened becuase disadvantaged minority kids with lower test scores are going to dilute their school's standing in the eyes of Harvard, U-Penn, NYU, etc, etc.

Oh, that woman at .20 lamenting that a kid might be shut out. Lemme tell you something honey, sometimes you don't get everything you want, even if you work hard, even if you deserve it.

God, we hate Manhattan and everything in it. Nuke it from orbit, it's the only way to be sure.


  1. And we r the racist ones down south

  2. Something we'll talk about tomorrow, Yonkers, just north of NYC, had a huge desegregation case, the mayor went to jail.