Thursday, May 31, 2018

There will be no Blue Wave

Via my friend William Katz at Urgent Agenda, we see there will be no Blue Wave in Texas:

The Austin American Statesman reports Senator Ted Cruz is leading  challenger Robert O'Rourke 50-39.

Hip, trendy candidates with fake names like 'Beto'* can't overcome political gravity.

There will be no blue wave. 

Given the president just campaigned in the great state of Tennessee, we await polling from our test case there.

For your enjoyment, the once and future Senator from Texas doing Simpsons impressions:

*Back in our youth, when we would throw a tennis ball against the garage door for fun, we used to pretend we were a flame throwing right handed closer. We could never decide if our nickname was 'Iceman' or 'Terminator'.

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