Monday, July 2, 2018

Caracas moves to the Rio Del Norte!

So Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is the next Presidente de Mexico.

'Peje' or AMLO as El Presidente is nicknamed, wants 'decentralization' of El Governmente Federale,  'universal education', 'universal healthcare', ag subsidies, 'economic development', doubling of the retirement pension, and has boldly called for mass-migration to the United States.

El Presidente is promising to pay for all this in the most vague way possible, by cracking down on corruption - in Mexico....sorry no less than 27 minutes have passed as I dropped on the floor in raucous laughter and have just now regained control.

Senior Obrador's plan sounds like the typical leftist boilerplate. In fact, El Presidente's platform is indistinguishable from our own Ms. Venezuela, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Senior Obrador's 'economic development' point should ring alarm bells everywhere. Usually in the third world this means a leftist government takes out el loan Gigante to build a train station, futball stadium, or some other useless piece of infrastructure, leaving the nation deeper in debt. Just look at California's highspeed rail boondoggle.

Expect the collapse of the Mexican economy, in which case we better get to work on that wall. 


  1. Colombia dodged a crazy leftist just a couple of weeks ago.

  2. I saw. I'm no expert on Colombia, but it seems more or less friendly to the US, no and deserves better than it's reputation. They fought a classic counterinsurgency too and won.

  3. It's hit or miss, with how they feel about the States. I've met a few Chavistas down there. More than I would care to meet. The crazier thing is, some of those Chavistas were applying for U.S. entry visas. Go figure