Friday, August 3, 2018

Senor Trump

My friend William Katz points to a Washington Times article about Hispanic voters shifting to the GOP.

This is not unusual. In Texas, W and Rick Perry used to nab 30-50 percent of the Hispanic vote. In the 2004 election, W got 40-44 percent of the vote. The article notes, as we have noted, that Rick Scott is making great inroads with the Hispanic community in Florida.

The swing comes despite the border-family controversy. Or becuase? A side theory: as there are deep divisions within the Jewish community* so there are deep divisions within the Hispanic community, which is really many communities. A Mexican may not necessarily be all that upset about ICE deporting a Honduran.

But there is one identifier that is more important than race/ethnicity and that's class. 

Of course we live in Chindia. Our friends and neighbors are indistinguishable from us except for their race.

Middleclass persons, whether white, Jewish, Chindian or Hispanic, like prosperity. 

Which explains the Hispanic swing toward Trump.

Democrats, being Marxists at heart, should understand economic determinism.

*If we saw a drowning Hasidic we're not sure we'd throw him a life preserver. He wouldn't throw me one without first consulting the Talmud.


  1. A lot of hispanic familys are shocked by what the dems have also forced lately, the ban on straws, road diets are just a couple.