Future Projects (updated 5-18)

We have many projects but little time...

To Liberate Mars: This is the story of mankind's struggle to liberate Mars from the Jai, probably told in short story form. Given the bad sales of To Survive the Earth, this is on hold.
Palmerston's War, 1862: About Britain attacking the United States during the Trent Affair, told entirely from the British side. Maybe 2019.
Pershing's War, 1919: What if Armistice Negotiations failed and the Great War continued? This novel is about Pershing's planned invasion of Lorraine, the Ruhr and Saar Valleys. In Progress.
Blooms: the sequel to A Line through the Desert, tells the story of Jake and Patricia through 2008, centering on that year but with flashbacks explaining how they got to where they are in 2008. Comming Autumn 2018.
World War 1990: Battle for Poland: Coming Autumn 2018.
World War 1990: The Final Storm: Coming Spring 2019.

Ideas (notice the absence of dates):
Putin's War: About a war between Russia and China.
The Bastard's Conquest: About a knight in William I's England.
Election '92: Wrapping up the World War 1990 universe.
Thatcher's War: You'll understand at the end of The Final Storm.
Before the Weser: Short stories about the first few weeks of World War 1990.


  1. Hello Mr. Stroock. I have recently been into the fictional WW3 genre of books and I came across your series. I have to tell you they have become some of my favorites. I finished Anzacs last night. I can't wait for the new book to come out!

  2. Just saw this. Thanks so much for stopping by, reading, and enjoying. All the best/