Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Pershing in Command

When we originally wrote Pershing in Command we planned on a narrative broken up by chapters describing some aspect of the AEF. These chapters covered things like the Civil War's legacy, the army in 1917, the young Pershing, the 79th Division at Montfaucon and the 89th Division.

After going through the MS we think these chapters distract from the narrative and should be removed. Tis' better to get to A to B to C without delay, no? That leaves us with a quandary. These chapters made Pershing in Command somewhat different than other histories. Without them, what's the point?

Here's the clean chapter list:

The Old Army
Early Battles
The Bureaucratic 
Slug up the Marne
St Mihiel
Meuse-Argonne: John J Pershing
Meuse-Argonne: Hunter Ligget

We must contemplate this upon the Tree of Woe.

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