Monday, April 23, 2018

Arabs Can't Fight

With the strike on Assad's chemical weapons program, Trump re-affirmed Arab military incompetence.

In an article titled 105-0 Why Syria's air defenses failed to intercept a single incoming missile, USA Today tells us that:
Syria is equipped with a relatively sophisticated air defense system, but a lack of training, command and control and other human factors are probably responsible for the failure, analysts said.

“It’s not just about the physical capability of the air defense system,” said David Deptula, a retired, three-star Air Force general. “It’s about the people who are operating the system.”
Someone's having fun with that headline, 105-0. Remember in 1982 the Syrian Arab Air Force took to the skies to battle the IAF and got its kebab sizzled. Final score Jews 86, Arabs 0.

The Arab is 0-5 in his war against the Jew, despite the billions of rubles in military equipment, thousands of advisors and millions of hours of training Moscow has given him.

Recall that back in 1973, after the Israelis kicked their asses and took a gigantic piss in the Suez Canal, the Soviets summoned Egypt's generals to Moscow to explain their defeat. The Egyptians said, 'No you have it all wrong. We've been studying Russia's military history and we have learned much. We have lured the Jews into Sinai. Now we wait for winter!'

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