Sunday, May 13, 2018

V for Voting, V for Victory

Ten years ago the Iraq War was winding down. I knew we had won when somebody opened up a KFC in Fallujah. That summer the Marines were complaining there was nothing to do in Anbar.

Now Iraq is holding elections again. Via Powerline, Amir Taheri breaks down the Iraqi elections for us. After noting Iraq's secular nature he tells us:
However, tomorrow's election will provide a dramatic illustration of Iraq's determination to move beyond sectarianism compared to previous elections in 2010 and 2014.

Those elections were contested by four big blocs: Two Shiite, one Arab Sunni and one Kurdish, fielding candidates under sectarian or ethnic labels. In this election, however, we have five big Shiite blocs, or lists, two Sunni and two Kurdish not to mention many other independent or trans-sectarian lists totaling over 80.
Call me crazy but this is better than Saddam or a Syrian style civil war.

Below, Iraqi voter Sofia Taleb al Suhal with the parents of Marine Corps Sergeant Byron Norwood, killed in the Battle of Fallujah (58:59).

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