Wednesday, May 9, 2018


I'm on which is the right alternative to Twitter. We speak freely on Gab. Anyone says anything they want. Anyone. Anything.

So there are plenty of toy Nazi wannabe fan-bois on Gab. They're Jew obsessed and fun to mess with.  Regular reader(s) of this blog are familiar with our 'The Jew is clever' routine, but these guys think we're serious. Our play-Judenhaus posts get reposted all the time. Then we just post links to Israel Strikes and laugh.

Honestly, fake Nazis and Judenhaus is soooo boring. It's been done to death, people. At least pick something interesting to hate. Here's our suggestion:

Two Jews go to wedding....

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  1. My one pet peeve is Nazis are not right there leftist they have socialism in the name for crying out loud