Monday, June 4, 2018

Europe gets one Right...

...But not on purpose.

Via Breitbart:
NATO is not obliged to come to the aid of partner Israel if Iran attacks, secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg revealed, amid rising tensions between the Middle East rivals.

Mr. Stoltenberg told Der Spiegel magazine Saturday that while Israel is an active partner of the U.S.-led alliance, it is not a full member and NATO’s “security guarantee” therefore doesn’t apply to the Jewish state.

Herr Stotlenberg* is absolutely right. Besides, how would NATO defend Israel? Sponsor a condemnatory resolution at Strasbourg? Send it's overweight, out of shape soldiers to observe?

Israel joining NATO is one of those ideas that gets floated around by professional diplomatic jetsetters. Did Tom Friedman propose this? We bet Tom Friedman proposed this.

We can't find any proof he suggested this but since we mentioned Tom Freidman lets bash him.

Tom Freidman the 'Imperial Messenger' believed:

-Yasser Arafat wanted piece
-That after two years filled with war and terror Israel and the PA could go back to negotiating as if nothing had happened
-The US should deploy peacekeepers to the West Bank
-Israel should return to the pre-Six Day War Auschwitz borders in exchange for Arab diplomatic recognition.

So lets just assume Tom Friedman suggested Israel join NATO. To put it another way, Tom Friedman suggested the Jews rely on France, Spain, and oh yes, the Germans to protect them.

This is a point we made in Israel Strikes. The very idea is a sick joke.

*We could not write a more pretentious sounding name.

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