Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The Bellicose Israeli Nation

When Israel was founded in 1948 it was a leftist state. Prime Minister David Ben Gurion led the Labour Party, which ruled uninterrupted until unseated by Menachim Begin's Likud in 1977. Labour was very much a mid-century democratic socialist party, it's ideology compatible with Clement Atlee's British Labour, and beloved by FDR New Deal Democrats. 

Socialist Kibbutzs were instrumental in the early history of Israel. 

What is Israel is a question as intriguing as what is Judaism? Are Jews a religious or an ethnic group?

With it's new Nation State Law Israel defines itself as the home of the Jewish people. Israel is not just a religious state or an ethnic state, but a nation-state.

The indefatigable Steve Sailer points out that the new nationalist Israel makes old fashioned Democrats uncomfortable.

Israel is now a center-right state. The old Labour party is a husk, and the main opposition to Netanyahu's right-wing Likud comes from Tzipi Livni's centrist party. The left is dead, its reputation impaled on the Oslo so called 'Peace Process'. The last Labour PM was Ehud Barak, who Aerial Sharon* wiped out in the election of 2001 after the failure of said Peace Process.

The new Israel has little to recommend it to the Israel of Shimon Peres**, four time failed Israeli politician. Bibi's Israel is not inclined to 'restraint' as the old Clinton-Albright cliché went. In fact Israel is hyper-bellicose toward terror, Syria and Iran. 

Jews aren't supposed to do that sort of thing.

*Greatest Jew since Moses, or Charleton Heston

A national army liberates a religious structure

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