Friday, August 10, 2018

2543, the interview

Reporter: Thanks for having me.

Stroock: Whatever.

Reporter: Why did you lock the door after you closed it?

Stroock: No reason. That's a special Matt Lauer lock I had installed. Have a seat.

Reporter: What is the purpose of 2543?

Stroock: The purpose of 2543 is to write a knockoff of The Expanse but better. Also we just like having something to think about.

Reporter: Don't you think that's intellectual theft?

Stroock: No, it's just derivative. And as Lemmy Kilmister once said, it's all derivative.

Reporter: Why The Expanse?

Stroock: Becuase it is the best sci fi show ever made.

Reporter: Have you read the books by James S A Corey?

Stroock: No.

Reporter: Why not?

Stroock: I don't read.

Reporter: Seriously?

Stroock: Seriously.

Reporter: What do you think you can do better than the producers of The Expanse?

Stroock: Not much, really. One thing that bugs me, the Martians don't have accents.

Reporter: Which was one of the complaints with Game of Thrones.

Stroock: Limey bastards and their stupid accents.

Reporter: Why are you hung up on the Brits?

Stroock: I just am.

Reporter: What else do you want to do with 2543?

Stroock; The main purpose is to write a novel in which we posit about the future. Informed speculation. Predictions. What do we think will happen in the next 400 years.

Reporter: What do you think the future will be like?

Stroock: About like now. Just in space.

Reporter: Well I think that about covers it. Unlock the door please. Why are you laughing?

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