Thursday, April 19, 2018

Monday Metal

Hot chicks driving cars edition.

For some reason we are oddly attracted to Sheryl Crow behind the wheel of a muscle car.  Nice riff too.

Of course in the Stroock household the basic unit of manhood is called a McQueen(1M)* and we don't know of a song/video that represents the Will Stroock ethos and life style better than this one.

*Example: Yesterday we landscaped the entire front yard and then took the girls out to lunch for a total score of 1 McQueen & 23 Marvins** (where 100 Marvins represents 1 McQueen).***

**Every time Lee Marvin says, 'It's a go, take 'em down' we tear up a bit.

***10 McQueens can be exchanged for 1 Bronson, exchange rates varying as the Bronson is pegged to the British Pound Sterling on an 1-1.28 exchange rate.
Update (the idea of a 'manhood' measure using famous tough guy actors comes from Ace of Spades).

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