Thursday, June 21, 2018

Low Tech Slog

What do you do about the terror kites and what do you do about Hamas? No one seems to have the answer:
Although the IDF has recorded a drop in the number of incendiary kites and balloons dispatched from Gaza in the past two days, the relatively new aerial nuisance has likely brought the next operation in the strip closer.
By 'operation' Ynet means sustained ground and air assault like 2014 's Operation Protective Edge. This and others like it are highly successful military operations but public relations disasters. Frankly there's no winning the latter fight.

Israel responds to the threat of rockets and suicide bombers with interceptors and walls.*

Hezbollah in Lebanon is a sophisticated modern military, but Hamas is little more than an armed gaggle of thugs. Their response to Israel's high tech innovations against rockets is simplistic, go low tech. Tunnels date back to at least the bible* and are the ultimate low tech weapon. So are the now years-long spate of knife attacks in Israel.

How does Israel make the price of these attacks to high too bear?

We've watched those videos of the attempted forced border crossings. They show hundreds of young men doing low-tech battle with the IDF. We bet these actions are exciting, exhilarating and fun. We bet exposing one to fire and launching kites at the border is a great way to get girls. 

If we were a 19 year old Gazan we'd be on the front line.

*Walls work. We should build some here.
**See the walls of Jericho

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