Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Back to our Regularly Scheduled Ms. Venezuela

President Trump had a bad press conference but by Monday the media will move on to the next Trump Outrage du week.

Meanwhile Hotair tells us that the Dem's next Brown Savior, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Ms. Venezuela) is dumb as an over-educated Millennial.

Vu entrĂ©es,  Everything Ms. Venezuela knows about the Middle East she learned from FB Memes.

Vu desert, she thinks people holding two jobs is bringing the unemployment rate down.

Oh good golly Ms. Molly, this is the face of young Democrats.

Ms. Venezuela went to Yorktown High, just a few districts over from our own Hen Hud*. She can't be this stupid, can she? This is 3D chess, it has to be.

The Dems better hope so, becuase this 28 year old Westchester girl is driving the Democrat Party....INSANE!**

*Hey, there were some real blunt-skulls at Hen Hud, see for example the Pointers of Verplanck. Also, the author. 850 SATS. That's combined.
**Thanks, Crazy Eddy.

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