Tuesday, July 17, 2018

De Leon This

Yesterday we meant to post about the California Democrat Party leadership jettisoning 85 year old Jew Diane Feinstein. Instead we got distracted by party endorsed Kevin de Leon and his fake name.

We meant to write that Feinstein, or 'Chi-fi' if you recall 90's era campaign fundraising scandals, better take this seriously.

You see, we recall eight years ago when the Republican National Committee and state party committee threw their weight behind Florida governor Charlie Crist for Florida Senate. He lost the primary to Marco Rubio, who is almost as spineless as Crist. It is now forgotten, but Rubio was a Tea Party guy. When Rubio won the nomination, Crist ran as an independent and lost to Rubio again. Later Crist ran for governor as a Democrat and lost once more, just showing you he's a loser.

Feinstein better watch out.

Charlie is Watching

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