Thursday, July 5, 2018

Post July Fourth Thoughts on...

...Our British inheritance.

Back when we were a history prof, we spent a lot of time on British history. Yes, of course the adjunct coordinator got on our case about it, commie bitch.

Anyway, without Britain, America as we know it would not exist, obviously. Also, our revolution ain't as politically revolutionary as folks like to think. Our house and senate are just a copy of the Brit's commons and lords and the presidency is the king and PM rolled into one. Our own Bill of Rights enumerate the rights of Englishmen as understood by a bunch of American lawyers; with a few tweaks.*

The colonies weren't rebelling becuase they hated the British. They were rebelling becuase they were British. We would tell our students, 'Whatever your ethnic heritage, if you're an American, Britain is your mother country.'

See, the real revolution happened in England a hundred years before, ours was simply the next step.

*No religious test, for example.

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