Sunday, July 1, 2018

Will's Good Idea for the Week of 7-1-18

We'd like to get back into the To Defend the Earth saga. We have lots of ideas. One of them is for a short story about a French ship battling the Jai somewhere in the solar system. We've been mean to the French in our writing. We have some fans over there and we'd like to make it up to them. Dickens did the same thing with the Jews.

We always planned To Liberate Mars, a campaign talked about in The Battle of Ceres and we thought about doing a straight-up Robotech ripoff and having a human ship warped out to Pluto and having to fight its way home. This would be the prelude to another novel, To Strike the Stars, where man sends a fleet to the Jai home system of Epsilon Eridani. 

Good ideas all, we think. But we're going to have to see some pickup in the sales department before we start them.

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