Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Winston Churchill...Boris Johnson...John Lithgow?

Boris Johnson is a highly eccentric English Public School* toff. He is a very interesting man, having served in Parliament and also two terms as Mayor of London. Until yesterday he was Prime Minister Teressa (empty pants suit) May's foreign minister. Well old Boris has resigned and is launching a coup against his former boss. We wish him luck shiving May, John Major style.**

Should Mr. Johnson succeed, we strongly suggest calling a general election. Breixt is the most important issue Britain has faced since the war, we'll see if Boris has any Winston in him.

But that's not what we came here to talk about today. Have you people been watching The Crown? Winston Churchill is prominent in several episodes, played oddly enough by John Lithgow. Mr. Lithgow's performance is interesting in of itself. At first we found ourselves watching John Lithgow playing Winston Churchill competently enough. But as the series progresses Lithgow disappears within the role and we are left with nothing but an 80 year old Winston. We've never seen the greatest man of the 20th century portrayed in this way, and Lithgow really nails the role.

*In Britain public school means private school. Yeah, I don't get it either. Stupid English linguistic ticks.
**In 1990 Major stabbed Maggie in the back.

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